September 8, 2016

Phuket Town’s Hidden Restaurant You Should 100% Try When You’re In Thailand

It’s official, we’re completely in love with Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town, Thailand. 

August 15, 2016

Dave Leduc To Fight In The Bloodiest And Most Brutal Form Of Striking Martial Art, Lethwei

Dave Leduc, also known as “The Nomad” (nicknamed after his globe-trotting lifestyle), born on December 13, 1991 is a professional Quebec muaythai and K-1 fighter.Back in 2014, Dave was invited to battle at the very controversial and notorious Prison Fight against a veteran Thai fighter that’s currently serving time at maximum security Klong Pai prison in Bangkok. He was the very first Quebec

July 10, 2016

Our Current Educational System Is Worse Than A Prison

Why do children even “need” to go to school?

June 27, 2016

Team Nomad Giving Away 2 All-Inclusive Air Canada Vacations To Montego Bay!

Air Canada and Team Nomad want to connect you to our amazing world! Become a nomad, join our movement! #teamnomad

June 25, 2016

Thailand’s Secret Health And Fitness Community Village You’ll Want To Visit

Phuket, Thailand is famous for its beaches, temples, fresh exotic fruits and mesmerizing islands. What people don’t necessarily know about this particular part of Thailand is its pronounced health consciousness and vivid fitness enthusiasm.