Our Current Educational System Is Worse Than A Prison

Why do children even “need” to go to school? Back in the days, teachers were more intelligent and had a higher financial as well as social status than an average human being. They represented the “perfect” human being and served as an example to their students. Today, it’s a whole different story.
Nowadays, primary and secondary schools are more of a commodity for parents. It’s convenient to drop off your child into a facility with minimum supervision and not have to worry about him/her for the rest of the day. Keep telling yourself, “This is what everyone else is doing, so it must be OK.”

Do children actually need school as we know it? Definitely not. I have never met a single child who wasn’t excited to take a break from school during summer. Obviously, children enjoy playing and spending time with their friends at school, but they certainly don’t like sitting inside a classroom and staring at their teacher for hours. In other words, if you offer your child social interaction outside of school, then school immediately loses its value.
“But school gives our children important knowledge!”

Most modern children already know how to read, write and count prior to entering high school. In addition, most of the material taught in high school is not applicable in adult life. Current educational system consists of a bunch of facts that kids are asked to memorize, which is pretty useless given the fact that ALL information is readily available through Google in a matter of seconds. In addition, it has been proven that most people can’t remember over 90% of the material taught to them in high school…

For the skeptics, let’s say that school really does give important knowledge to our next generation. Well, the same information can be taught at least ten times faster. That’s what tutors do. In 100 hours, they manage to give the same information that a high school teacher wasn’t able to give in 1000 hours of work.

If you think about it, it’s a really weird system when about 1000 hours of actual knowledge is stretched out into 10,000+ hours and kids are forced to sit still and listen year after year.

“But school is important for kids to learn to socialize!”

Socialization – lifelong process of inheriting and disseminating norms, customs, values and ideologies, providing an individual with the skills and habits necessary for participating within their own society. (Wikipedia)

What are some common traits of people who we look up to within a society?

These people stand out, above all, through their ability to achieve goals and take action. They stand out with their wittiness, their will power and perseverance. And, as a rule of thumb, they work hard to achieve a certain result. They know how not to abandon something halfway through. They have excellent communication skills. They’re good at negotiation, sales and public speaking. They’re good at taking decisions and resisting stress. They’re able to focus on the most important task and discard the rest. Observation. Intuition. Sensitivity. Leadership. They have the ability to make choices and take responsibility for them. They ooze sincere enthusiasm for their field of work and generally have a “zest for life.”

Are these qualities taught at school?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about any genuine passion for our current educational system. Even if a student develops some sort of enthusiasm for certain classes, it’s impossible to discard the rest and intensively focus on those that he or she finds “interesting.”

Achieving actual results doesn’t matter. Students are taught to drop everything and run to the next classroom as soon as they hear the bell ring. For eleven years our kids are taught to live by the bell.

If a student’s brain absorbs new material faster than others, he or she is still forced to learn everything at an average pace. As a result, many children get bored in class. God forbid your kid is too active. Our educational system will go out of its way to make him or her compliant with the rules. “Be like everyone else, don’t stand out” – is that the motto that will make an adult succeed within a society?

Learning to take responsibility for one’s choice? Students are not even given the freedom of choice.
Leadership? Definitely not part of the curriculum.
Being able to discard unnecessary data is actually replaced by being forced to endure years of useless information.
Kids develop an emotional dependence on teacher’s approval and grades.

Great teachers are extremely hard to find and, in general, most parents have a higher social status and education level than their child’s teacher. In that case, is it really appropriate to have your child look up to his/her teacher as an example to follow?

Does a high school class represent a model of an adult society? Nope, not at all. Adults have choices. We can choose our career, our social circle, our interests and activities.

Schools facilitate parents’ lives without really bringing any real value to the life of our children. Have you ever thought about home schooling?…


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