Thailand’s Secret Health And Fitness Community Village You’ll Want To Visit

Phuket, Thailand is famous for its beaches, temples, fresh exotic fruits and mesmerizing islands.
What people don’t necessarily know about this particular part of Thailand is its pronounced health consciousness and vivid fitness enthusiasm.

In a tiny “village” of Phuket, Thailand – called Chalong – hides a secret society of healthy people. Gyms, yoga, açaï bowls, cross fit, freshly squeezed juices, martial arts, chia seeds, protein powders… Chalong oozes HEALTH and FITNESS.

Slowly but surely Chalong is growing into a health empire. Its reality, however, is nowhere near being overly flooded by plus size tourists wanting to get in shape – which makes it even cooler. Chalong is so hipster in its secrecy. Not too many people know or even heard about it and, as a result, it’s the coolest discovery ever for any health conscious person.

thailandPhoto cred – Irina Tee

The street where most of fitness action takes place is called Soi Ta-Ied. Getting in shape while being surrounded by exotic beaches is a dream of many. If you’re ever planning a vacation to a tropical destination for a few weeks to clear your mind AND get a six pack, this is it! This is your new sanctuary! You will be blown away by the abundance of businesses geared specifically towards helping you make healthy life choice. Not to mention that all prices are in Thai baht… the exchange rate is a pleasant surprise for most tourists. I can almost guarantee you – you never felt this rich in your entire life. An average healthy meal in Chalong will cost you about $4 USD.

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Right now, the street attracts professional and amateur martial artists who want to perfect their skills, as well as other fitness enthusiasts who have heard about Chalong through their friends or family. The whole community looks like an ad from Fitness magazine. Everyone wears their workout gear, sweaty from their morning run or whatever fitness activity they were doing while sipping on a healthy juice and talking about being healthy. I kid you not, that’s what you’ll witness on Soi Ta-Ied, it’s brilliant. This “community” aspect makes the whole lifestyle transformation experience even stronger and more efficient. You will feel particularly guilty for craving McDonald’s fries, for example, if the person next to you is bragging about his low-carb gluten-free diet.

The reason why Soi Ta-Ied is turning into a premium fitness community at this rate is mainly due to Tiger Muay Thai, world’s biggest and most recognized Muay Thai, MMA & fitness training camp and destination gym.

tiger muaythai
Photo cred – Dave Leduc

They started with a vision to bring authentic Muay Thai training to people of all experience levels. Little by little, it grew into a fitness sanctuary for professional, amateur and beginner athletes & fitness enthusiasts.

“The Camp has fast become a training ground for the worlds most elite and dominant athletes. Continually featured on documentaries, travel shows and throughout a variety of mass media outlets, Tiger has gained a well-deserved reputation as the premier destination for Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness training in Thailand.”

beach workout
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Today, Tiger offers a wide range of classes including but not limited to: fitness, yoga, MMA & BJJ, strength & conditioning, Krabi Krabong, beach bootcamps, etc. AND there is a whole fitness and health community slash village that has emerged around Tiger Muay Thai location. It’s truly a dream come true for any six pack enthusiast.

7 Comments on “Thailand’s Secret Health And Fitness Community Village You’ll Want To Visit

  1. Fantastic environment. There’s a great protein yoghurt shop there too call NOMMY. Best yoghurt in Thailand!!!! Try it out after a boxing session!! Love this place.

  2. loved my time in Chalong at Titan Fitness, can’t wait to go back. I’m not sure why the writer was so surprised that you purchase goods in Thai Baht… it is in Thailand so hardly shocking?!

  3. That area is amazing! It has something for every one. My boyfriend trained MMA at Tiger and I did fitness at Titan Fitness Camp ( just down the road.
    Really good!

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